2019 Reading Recap

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For the ninth year in a row, I have exceeded my base goal of 50 books for the year. This year is an even 60 books.

For books in a series, I read 3 books in Craig Johnson's Longmire series, Bernard Cornwell's Richard Sharpe series, and Sarah J. Maas' Throne of Glass series.

It was a heavy sci-fi year. 1/3 of my reads were in that category alone. Here are some of the highlights from the past year.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Sarah J. Maas - Series Completes! I finished reading the Throne of Glass book series.

Blake Crouch - Blake Crouch was a new author for me last year when I read Dark Matter. This year, I read Recursion. It is also very strange and enjoyable.

James S. A. Corey - Tiamat's Wrath marked the eighth book in the series or what is supposed to be a nine book series. The last one has yet to be announced. In the meantime, season 4 of the Expanse is now showing on Amazon Prime.

Kim Stanley Robinson - Aurora is a tale of a multi-generational starship. Each time I read another of his books, my appreciation grows.

Wesley Chu - Lives of Tau: Loved it. I'll be reading the next two books in the trilogy this year.

Crime and Mystery

Jason Goodwin - The Janissary Tree takes the mystery back to 1830's Istanbul. Loved this one too. I can see reading more of this Yashim the Eunuch series.

Tony Hillerman - Continuing to read the Leaphorn and Chee novels. They are good and the details on Navajo culture really put meat on the stories.

Historical Fiction

Scott Turow - Ordinary Heroes was the first Scott Turow book I have read. It is gripping. I've heard good things about another of his books, Presumed Innocent. That may be a good follow up.


Zora Neale Hurston - Their Eyes Were Watching God

John Knowles - A Separate Peace I probably would not have appreciated this book if I had read it when I was young, even though it is a coming of age story about two friends at a New England boarding school during World War II.