Changing the Canofworms Web Site

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I am moving my site from Wordpress to Pelican. It is not that there is anything wrong with Wordpress. It is a major tool in the web world. But, it is really overkill for my little blog. Pelican, on the other hand, is a static site generator tool written in the python language.

So why Pelican?

Pelican produces plain HTML pages with CSS. This means there is no database and no adminstration tool online. Since it is just HTML, there are no worries about Wordpress upgrades or security patches. This also cuts out several attack vectors for hackers since it eliminates the backend database and various plug-ins

I am also hoping that this change will inspire me to produce more articles for the site. So, that would be a huge bonus.

What is the downside?

Well, right now, I am losing all my comments. Since the site is small, that isn't a huge deal. But, I have always appreciated when folks take the time to comment on an article. So, for now, I am incorporating some of the comments into the posts themselves and am looking into a couple of ways to reintroduce comments.

There seems to be two major ways to add comments to Pelican sites. One is to use the "Discus" service. Unfortunately, Discus would add advertising to the comment section. Don't think I want that for my visitors. The second way is for users to email a special inbox with the comment. This can be done through a comment box on the form, but I will need to devote some energy to gettng that to work right.

I also am not as happy with the new theme. So, there will be some work to do there.

Reasons for Change

We always need to challenge ourselves. Changing the site is one way for me to do that. I hope to:

  • Dig deeper into HTML5 and CSS and gain a greater understanding
  • Become much better at python development. It is good to be well rounded, but I need areas of strength. I have decided that python development is one of those areas. It is a great language and I think it will be around for a long while.

Organization - All articles are currently organized "tagged" into one of four categories. These categories represent areas that make up the "can of worms" for my life.

  • Technology - Things that interest me and that I am learning about tech. I hope to have more articles about what I'm learning in python and linux.
  • Reading - Calling this section "Language" might be a better choice. I am interested in all kinds of reading and in studying languages in addition to English.
  • Family - This area is for personal and family life. Also home for a few family recipes I've collected.
  • Faith - We all have a deeper spiritual element to our lives. This is an area for thoughts that inspire me.

Thanks for stopping by!