A few good books

 · shakiestnerd

I am a decent reader with one or two books going all the time. I have a wish list of about 400 books that I keep an eye out for when checking the library web site, gutenburg.org, etc. Most of them are classics or represent a highly rated story by a noted author.

These days, books can be found cheap or free in many cases. So, having plenty to read is not a problem as it would have been even 100 years ago.

But, a thought occurred to me. What if we could only read a limited number of books so instead of quantity, we had to focus on quality. Those books would become dear friends and would be reread over and over until they became an integral part of our being.

So, if you could only read 25 books, what would those books be? I have some ideas of what my list would be, but it will take much more thought.