It was great to see my home town Saint Louis Cardinals in the World Series this year.  In 1968, I remember listening to the Cards battle the Detroit Tigers.  The school would play the games over the public address system and the teachers gave the kids busy work while the games were on.  Bob Gibson was practically unbeatable that year, and listening to those games instilled a love for the game in me.  Unfortunately, they lost the series in 1968 too.  But, somehow they always seem to be competitive and make their way into post season play every so often.


Fluor Field

I now live in a town that hosts a Boston Red Sox farm team, the Greenville Drive.  Their small stadium is quite nice and has the same dimensions as Fenway Park even down to sporting a green monster wall in left field.  It's a lot of fun to take the grand-kids and enjoy a game in this great minor league park.

It was cool to see my two of my favorite teams meet in the series this year, but, still had to root for my childhood Cardinals.  The days are turning cool and the chill rain drips outside; I am dreaming of spring when the bats and gloves come out once again and take the field.