Cheat Sheets - Where to find them

 · shakiestnerd

The inspiration for this article comes from an email I received from Luke Harrison. He had created an SQL Cheat Sheet that he was rightfully proud of and was wanting to share and promote it.

It just so happens that I love cheat sheets. I find them useful for giving a high-level view of an application. And having a cheat sheet handy is great for picking up new shortcuts and becoming more proficient with my favorite tools and applications.


So, how about creating your own cheat sheet? I dove in over at cheatography and was able to put together my on keyboard shortcut reference for the Linux Mint Cinnamon desktop. Be sure to check that out!

Here are some of my favorite sources for high quality cheat sheets.

Also want to mention Syncfusion, they have a ton of "Succinctly" ebooks to help you get started with various tools and technologies.

And finally, while putting this post together, I found which is an aggregator for cheat sheets across the web.

I cracked myself up with the rebus for "Key+board+shorts+cut".