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I had never heard of "CourseDuck" until they contacted me recently through email about mentioning my feeble site in their newsletter. So, I checked them out

Course Duck allows you to search and find training courses across a wide range of training sites.

I like it, and I'm recommending it to others. Here's why:

Finds training easily

All the sites that I have used in the past seem to be represented (Udemy, Coursera, edX, CodeCademy,, Pluralsight), as well of other sites I've heard of, but never enrolled in any of their courses. This is good since it helps your compare courses across different platforms.

The focus is development and tech training

If you use the search bar at the top of their home page you can find courses about non-technical topics such as parenting skills and ancient Egypt. But, the site does a good job of steering you to the programming courses.

The home page is organized by topics that will interest programming learners

The front page is organized by programming topic and has a filter bar to help you find your topic of interest quickly.

It's not just a front end for paid courses

I love it that there a lot of free courses listed. I found some of my favorite Youtube channels represented in the list. I do purchase courses that interest me, but when beginning to explore a topic, it's great to get a flavor of the topic by finding free offerings.

My favorite areas

There are a ton of topics there that interest me. So, I'll stick to just three:

  • Python - That's may default go to language
  • Machine Learning - This topic is just going to keep on growing and evolving
  • Data Science - My employer is trying to grasp how this is revolutioning their industry

I found a Youtube playlist by Socratica which I really enjoyed. It had no reviews. So, I added a review for it. Probably a good idea for learners to post reviews for the courses they have enjoyed.

So check out CourseDuck and see what you think.