I am a life-long learner. This means I always have some kind of learning project in the works. And I find learning python and other technologies through online video tutorials to be one of the best ways for me to learn new topics. Here are some of things things I try to do in order to make the learning stick.

First off, I have gotten books before and I find it very hard to stick with them and work through all their exercises. Now, If I'm going through that kind of training with a group of people, it makes it a little easier and keeps me motivated (kind of like being in a school classroom). But, otherwise, technical books have not been my best tools.

I have heard that there are different types of learners (visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic) and that each type of learner responds to different methods of teaching. OK, OK, I have heard other theories about seven or eight types of learners and so on, but to keep this simple, we'll just go with these four.

Do the tutorial, don't just watch it

I've watched tutorials and then later, when I sit down and try to do some of the stuff I've seen, it's not there. I didn't really pick up the material.

So, the best way is to do the same steps that the instructor is doing. That means pausing the video and often replaying the same part multiple times.

Create a README file to go with the training. Even though I'm doing all the same steps as the teacher, it also helps to put together notes that capture the key points that I'm beginning to understand.

Develop a shadow application

Learn the same topic from multiple sources

Employ the four learning types to reinforce your topic

My Flask play list

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