Hurricane Sally in Baldwin County, Alabama

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 · shakiestnerd

Hurricane Sally made landfall in Gulf Shores, Alabama on September 16, 2020 as a category 2 storm with 105 mile per hour winds. As the storm moved inland, it passed over our travel trailer on its trek northeast. We went to my in-laws to have a more secure location to weather out the storm. We returned the next day to check on our trailer and it had managed to survive the fierce winds. The only damage the trailer sustained was a broken signal light.

Pilot Station

Baldwin county did not fare as well. 95% of the county was without power, massive trees were down everywhere. Roof damage is common. That first day, there was a lot of road flooding.

As soon as the storm had passed crews were out on the roads, clearing trees from power lines and restoring snapped power poles. I am impressed by how quickly crews got busy putting things back in order. In addition, crews were arriving from other states. I saw power crews from Kentucky and Tennessee that were out taking care of things.

Other relief workers arrived to lend assistance. I saw a charitable group from Colorado as they arrived here.

We were fortunate. Our trailer was undamaged. We were without power or water for ten days. I was able to borrow a generator from my in-laws. I also had a 20 gallon container water that I could refill and siphon into the fresh water tank. There are a lot of people dealing with much worse.

I think the first couple of days, folks were in a bit of shock. This storm was worse than expected. A huge "Thank you" to all those that responded to lend a hand. They have been working around the clock to get things back to normal. I'm also very encouraged to see how neighbors have pitched in to lend each other a hand. This is an awesome community.