Little Things

 · shakiestnerd

There was a time in America when smoking was much more prevalent than it is today. Yes, people complained about second-hand smoke and how literally breathe-taking it was to walk past a group of smokers.

I remember a little thing. It was the butts. They were everywhere. In parking lots, around bushes, in planters there were cigarette butts. You would see them tossed from car windows, and at night glimpse the little shower of sparks as the dying ember impacted the pavement at 60 mph. People would just toss them down where ever they happened to be when their smoke came to an end.

Now, I have a new complaint. In the last week, I have come across discarded floss picks in parking lots on three different occassions. I am all for dental hygiene, but please don't toss your used flossers on the ground.

How about keeping a bag in your car for trash, and just toss your used floss in there? Or maybe, how about flossing at home when you're brushing your teeth?