This recipe was given to me by my mother the same time as the Vegetable Salad – in the 70’s.


Hand me down recipes like this are often lacking quantities. How much celery seed? How much sugar? Now she is gone and I can't ask her. That is just another reminder to enjoy your loved ones while you have the opportunity.

  • celery seed
  • green pepper
  • head of cabbage
  • large onion
  • mustard seed
  • salt
  • stalk of celery
  • sugar
  • white vinegar


Shred and mix cabbage, celery, green pepper and onion (set aside)

Put remaining ingredients in pan and let come to a boil – turn off and pour over the cabbage mixture. Leave in refrigerator for 24 hours. Keep in a tightly closed container in refrigerator; good for several days.