I have used SQLite for quite a while. It has been my go-to database for small projects and a couple of not-so-small projects for personal use.

At work, we typically use SQL Server and occasionally have to deal with Oracle. For little stuff, I can get away with a SQLite database there too.

But lately, I've been thinking about moving up to another database for personal projects. I have used MySQL in the past and liked it too. Time to try something new.


Photo by Chris Christensen on Unsplash

I did not think to check whether PostgreSQL came preinstalled on Linux Mint. A ran into an article later that said many systems have it preinstalled, so I don't know whether that is true.

Instead of pulling the absolute latest version of the database for PostgreSQL from their website, I used the Linux Mint software manager to install Postgresql and Pgadmin3. I thought it would be easy to get it going, but that was not the case. I was struggling to get pgAdmin III to recognize the server, even thought I could get into psql from the terminal. Turns out you need to do some initial configuration such as setting the password and creating your accounts and to get it ready for use.

Fortunately, a web search turned up an article on John Atten's site that was exactly what I needed. Following his instructions, I was able to configure PostgreSQL and get pgAdmin III configured to work with the database. From there, I was able to create a database with some tables and import some data. So, I am ready to roll with learning more about this database and incorporating PostgreSQL in my personal projects.