Nextcloud Synchronization Issue Resolved

 · shakiestnerd

I upgraded the version of Nextcloud on my server this last week. The new version is: Nextcloud Hub 325.0.3)

After upgrading the server, my Nextcloud desktop client hung and just sat there in the system tray with a syncing message. Frustration!

First thought was, OK, I've upgraded Nextcloud on the server, maybe I need to update the desktop client (running on Linux Mint 21.1). In the effort to get it to work, I uninstalled the client that was available in the Software Manager and downloaded the Nextcloud-3.6.6-x86_64.AppImage file from the Nextcloud website.

No luck. Same problem. I noticed in htop that one of my CPU cores was pegged at 100%. Was getting frustrated so walked away from the problem for a while.

Came back today. After a little searching, I found this bug item on Github.

This had a clue about removing the upload and download bandwidth limits. Only problem, with the sync hanging, I couldn't get into the settings. However, there is a ~/.config/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg file. I deleted the following lines from the file.


I killed Nextcloud client, logged out and back in. Launched the client. It synced immediately. I was then able to get into the settings and confirm that any bandwidth limits had been removed.

Nextcloud Settings

The last thing I did was to log into the admin section of Nextcloud on the server. There was a message there:

🔴: There are some errors regarding your setup.

-  Last background job execution ran 3 days ago. Something seems wrong. Check the background job settings ↗

No kidding. But, we are running again, so that is a relief.