During my childhood and teen years I was a voracious reader. But, as I entered my adult years with all the responsibilities of life, I gradually read less and less. It got to the point, I could no longer remember the last book I had read. I resolved to change that.

One of my life rules is: "Never stop learning." Reading helps me to accomplish this. My goal was to always have a book going and to try and complete at least one book a month. Beginning in 2000, I started keeping a spreadsheet of each book that I'd read. I would record the title, author, genre, format (paperback, hardback, audio-book, etc.), year read, and comment for each one. Now I wish, I had started my list back when I was a kid. There is a simple spreadsheet at the end of this article to help you get started with your own.

One interesting thing about keeping a list, is that it allows you to examine what kinds of books you are reading. As a result, instead of reading just science-fiction and mysteries, I've branched out into other genres. Most recently, I've begun to read biographies of the founding fathers and an occasional self-improvement book.

In addition to the spreadsheet, I have started looking into Goodreads. It has a nice ability for you to create a list of books you've read and to share your comments with others.