About Can of Worms

Welcome to my personal can of worms.


People are complex. The things in their lives are complex. This blog represents some of the complexity in my life.

What you will find here are thoughts and tidbits from some of those area.

  • Faith: Sermon notes from my dad and thoughts on spiritual faith. He could turn a bulleted outline into a full 40 minute sermon.
  • Family: When I think of family, it always seems to revolve around the table sharing a meal. Here you will find personal articles about family, recipes, and genealogy.
  • Reading: is about my desire to be a life long learner. Here are articles about what I'm reading and thoughts on language.
  • Technology: contains articles about my various areas of tech interest. These will primarily be things like Python Development, Linux, and math. OK, math doesn't really fit, but it is the base that most technology is built on.

The company where I have worked for the last 30+ years is not a software development company. So, I have never considered myself a developer. My company is loaded with engineers and our work life revolves around technical software. My job has been to find ways to get various applications to play nice together and share data. Sometimes this means writing some VBA code to read data into Excel or Access. It often means writing a utility or build a web site to get the data where it needs to go. I've worked quite a bit with C# and Python and really enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you find something that will catch your interest.

Why no comments?

Right now, that aren't that many articles. But, if I get more serious about producing content that folks might comment on, then I'll reconsider.

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