Project Euler Level 3

 · shakiestnerd

I have reached level 3 on Project Euler! This means that I have completed 75 of the math challenges on the site. There are currently 633 problems on the site. I have barely scratched the surface.

ShakiestNerd Level 3

Project Euler is a very challenging math/programming problem website. I am currently working on Problem 63 "Convergents of e" (you don't have to do the problems in order). This problem has to do with continued fractions which I am not all that familiar with.
To tell the truth, I am reaching the limits of my math education. Up until know, I at least had some idea of how to approach the problems. From here on, not only do I have to expand my math knowledge, but then I also need to solve the problem.

If you find yourself...

  • Wondering why am I wasting so much time on gaming when I could be doing something more mentally challenging.
  • Looking to expand you math chops into areas that you never covered in school
  • Wanting to give youself programming challenges

Project Euler might be an interesting challenge for you.