Road Rd

 · shakiestnerd

I got a big kick out of a couple of roads in downtown Lake Jackson, TX. They are named 'This Way' and 'That Way'. Guess there is someone in Lake Jackson with a sick sense of humor. I can hear them giving directions now, "Well, go straight and make a right on This Way and then go left on That Way".

Maybe we should take it further. How about having streets named things like "Road Rd" or "Street St"? I like "Avenue Ave". Then to mix it up some, let's also have "Road St.", "Road Ave", "Road Dr.", and so on. I could also imagine names like "Turn Left Blvd" and "Keep Right Rd".

It used to be that your GPS would often make mistakes. But, they have improved a lot in recent years. So, I am thinking that if we gave roads really confusing names it would restore some of the adventure into trying to listen to Google give you directions.