Road Rd

I got a big kick out of a couple of roads in downtown Lake Jackson, TX. They are named 'This Way' and 'That Way'. Guess there is someone in Lake Jackson with a sick sense of humor. I can hear them giving directions now, "Well, go straight and make a right on This Way and then go left on That Way".

Maybe we should take it further. How about having streets named things like "Road Rd" or "Street St"? I like "Avenue Ave". Then to mix it up some, let's also have "Road St.", "Road Ave", "Road Dr.", and so on. I could also imagine names like "Turn Left Blvd" and "Keep Right Rd".

It used to be that your GPS would often make mistakes. But, they have improved a lot in recent years. So, I am thinking that if we gave roads really confusing names it would restore some of the adventure into trying to listen to Google give you directions.

Written by shakiestnerd in Reading on Thu 23 June 2016. Tags: reading, language,

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