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It's good to be back up and running at 100%. As mentioned previously, the tool I use to build this site is the Pelican static site generator.

Pelican Site Generator Link

I tried to update my prior theme with the updated search plugin that relies on a tool called stork.

While I was able to set up stork and get it to work. I ran into issues with getting the search to integrate nicely with my pelican theme. I did do some modifications to the theme, but really didn't want to do extensive reworking of an old theme.

The Papyrus Theme

So, the solution has been to move to a new theme named "Papyrus". It has some features I really like.

  • Click the sun / moon icon next to the Canofworms title to set light or dark mode.
  • It includes an Archive page that shows dates for previous articles.
  • Instead of having a tag cloud, there is now a tags page showing all the tags.
  • There is a working search page!
  • As you read there is a "breadcrumb" list shown at the top of the article.
  • For longer articles, there is a read-time note below the article title.
  • Posts with multiple sub-headings also get a table of contents section at the top of the article.

I didn't like was that my four categories (Faith, Family, Reading and Technology) did not appear along the top menu bar. They do appear on the "Categories" page, which would be OK if I used lots of categories. But, I have limited myself to just those categories to keep the site organization clean.

The solution for that was to tweak the template to add those categories onto the navigation bar across the top of the page. I could have removed the Categories page from the navigation bar, but It's fine as is.

Adding more items to the navigation bar, causes the nav to wrap on small screens like a cell phone. But, I still think it looks good.

I also didn't like that code highlighting doesn't seem to be a thing with this theme. But, was able to fix this by generating a pygment.css file and including it in the base.html template file.

Rabbit Holes

Digging into making big changes to a site can send you down a few rabbit holes. In this case, the Papyrus theme is based on a Hugo theme. Hugo is another highly rated static site generator tool. I had looked a Hugo back when I originally chose Pelican as my site generator. Pelican appealed to me since it was written with python. I did end up writing a little python code to help with site generation, so that has been worthwhile.

This did get me to revisit Hugo and get that set up. I may use Hugo on a couple of other sites that I'm involved with. When reviews talk about Hugo being fast, they mean it!

This new Papyrus theme also uses tailwindcss. I haven't had time to mess with it yet, but it looks very interesting.