The 360 Degree Leader - Book Review

book cover

During my performance appraisal at work this year, my boss recommended I read, "The 360 Degree Leader" by John C. Maxwell.  So, I did.  I didn't know how well I would enjoy the book when the table of contents indicated a rigorous, methodical layout for the book.  But, as I began to read it, I came to appreciate the structure of the book.

The 360 Degree Leader is a person that leads in all directions.  They lead those that work for them, they are a leader among their peers and display leadership that influences those above them as well.  The book details methods and attitudes needed to become a 360 Leader.

In addition to the straightforward explanations, the book contains some great quotes that help illustrate the different points in the book.  I found it to be inspiring and began thinking how the concepts of the 360 Leader would apply to other areas of live such as with my family and with my church.