The Last Breathe

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 · shakiestnerd

When a child is born, it is fascinating to watch all the firsts in the baby's life. Parents are ecstatic when baby Sally says, "Mama" for the first time. You want to capture pictures of that first birthday and that first step. What about the first time she tasted a lemon, or first learning to ride a bicycle.

I went to the barber shop a while back and a little boy was getting his first haircut. He was not happy about it and was venting his fear of the clippers with loud gasping sobs. His parents were there trying to calm him with little success. They will remember Johnny's first haircut. I am guessing more mothers than children cry on their child's first day of school.

Throughout life we mark so many firsts and sentimentally look back on them. Our first car, first date and first kiss. What fond memories do you have of firsts in your life?

On the other hand, a jarring revelation is that some day each of us will take our last breath."
It lead me down this train of thought that for every first in our life, there is a corresponding last. There will be a last step, last words, and a last meal.
The road to death is paved with a multitude of lasts.

This is a perturbing thought.

But, I find something even more disturbing as I age. Sometimes we let things slip away from us through negligence; without thought. These are things that should not and need not be lasts.

I have begun to ask myself questions like the following.

  • Have I hiked my last nature trail?
  • Have I rode my last bike?
  • Have I whistled my last tune?
  • Have I sung my last song?
  • Have I prayed my last prayer?
  • Have I already swung on a swing for the last time?
  • Have I read my last book?
  • Have I blown my last bubble?
  • Have I laughed for the last time?

I think, many times we give up on simple pleasure of life, not realizing they have become lasts. I am determined to pay more attention to those things in life and NOT unwittingly allow them be the last.

I will sing in the shower. I will explore nature more. I will make the effort to enjoy more sunrises. I will listen to the raucous thunder and the patter of rain. I will take the time to stick my feet in the ocean every chance I get.

I don't really care for the saying, "Live every day as if it's going to be your last."
Instead, I will simply go with "Cherish each day, and let the lasts take care of themselves."

Are there things in your life that have slipped away needlessly? Join me in resolving that they won't be lasts.

Well, that's all for now, there's some whistling that needs doing.

Credits: Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash