Triple Homonyms

 · shakiestnerd

There are a lot of homonyms running around out there in the wild.  Finding three words that can be pronounced the same but are spelled different is more rare. I’ve collected this list of triple homonyms over a period of time.  They are words that are spelled differently, have different meanings, but sound the same.  I’ve also avoided using proper names in my list.

Technically, calling these "homophones" may be more accurate.

  • aid, ade, aide
  • aisle, isle, I'll
  • balled, bawled, bald
  • bleu, blue, blew
  • boor, bore. boar
  • braise, brays, braze
  • by, buy, bye
  • cored. chord, cord
  • do, dew, due
  • doe, dough, do
  • eye, aye, I
  • for, fore, four
  • flu, flew, flue
  • freeze, frieze, frees
  • heal, heel, he'll
  • heir, air, err
  • him, hem, hymn
  • idle, idol, idyll
  • kneed, knead, need
  • lier, liar, lyre
  • mall, maul, moll
  • meat, meet, mete
  • new, knew, gnu
  • not, knot, naught
  • or, ore. oar
  • pair, pare, pear
  • peak, peek, pique, peke
  • pore, pour, poor
  • rain, reign, rein
  • raise, rays, raze
  • rapped, wrapped, rapt
  • right. rite, write
  • road, rode. rowed
  • seal, seel, ciel
  • sees, seas, seize
  • sent, scent, cent
  • since, sense, cents
  • site, sight. cite
  • slew, slough, slue
  • so, sew, sow
  • staid. stayed, stade
  • taught, tot, taut
  • tee, tea, ti
  • there, their, they're
  • toed, toad, towed
  • two, too, to
  • vane, vein, vain
  • way, weigh, whey
  • you, ewe, yew

It’s kind of exciting whenever I stumble across another one. The most recent additions are from May 17, 2020 and are shown in bold.

Big thanks to commenters who have suggested additions to the list.