Triple Homonyms

Triple Homonyms

There are a lot of homonyms running around out there in the wild.  I’ve collected this list of triple homonyms over a period of time.  They are words that are spelled differently, have different meanings, but sound the same.  I’ve also avoided using proper names in my list.

  • aid, ade, aide
  • aisle, isle, I'll
  • balled, bawled, bald
  • bleu, blue, blew
  • boor, bore. boar
  • braise, brays, braze
  • by, buy, bye
  • cored. chord, cord
  • do, dew, due
  • doe, dough, do
  • eye, aye, I
  • for, fore, four
  • flu, flew, flue
  • freeze, frieze, frees
  • heal, heel, he'll
  • heir, air, err
  • him, hem, hymn
  • idle, idol, idyll
  • kneed, knead, need
  • lier, liar, lyre
  • mall, maul, moll
  • meat, meet, mete
  • new, knew, gnu
  • not, knot, naught
  • or, ore. oar
  • pair, pare, pear
  • peak, peek, pique, peke
  • pore, pour, poor
  • rain, reign, rein
  • raise, rays, raze
  • rapped, wrapped, rapt
  • right. rite, write
  • road, rode. rowed
  • seal, seel, ciel
  • sees, seas, seize
  • since, sense, cents
  • site, sight. cite
  • so, sew, sow
  • staid. stayed, stade
  • taught, tot, taut
  • tee, tea, ti
  • there, their, they're
  • toed, toad, towed
  • two, too, to
  • vane, vein, vain
  • way, weigh, whey
  • you, ewe, yew

It’s kind of exciting whenever I stumble across another one.

Big thanks to the commenters who have given some great words to this list.

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