Why I Wear a Mask During COVID

 · 1 min read
 · shakiestnerd

Spoiler Alert - I will tell you the answer upfront. I wear a mask for you, my fellow sojourners through a strange new world. By wearing the mask, there is a slim possibility that I may protect someone from contracting this heinous virus.

The mask makes me look stupid. The mask is annoying. It fogs up my glasses. It makes my face sweat. It is uncomfortable. After wearing the mask for about 20 minutes I feel short of breath. It muffles other peoples voices and it is harder to understand what they are saying.

I have worn similar masks in the past when I was spray painting only to find a trail of paint going around my nose past the masks. Unless they are proper masks, properly worn and seated, I doubt if they would prevent you from contracting COVID.

So, why bother? I know it is recommended by the CDC. But, there is not much in it for me.

The problem is that I could have COVID, be walking without symptoms, and be spreading the illness to others. I have seasonal allergies and know what it is like to cough and sneeze a lot. I see the value in wearing the mask to help knock down airborne particles at the source. I would hate to think that I had caused harm to someone else. When wearing a silly mask could have prevented their illness or death.

I remember Asimov's first law of robotics: "A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm." I know, it's a rule for fictional robots. Shouldn't we hold ourselves to a similar standard?In a way, that reminds me of the "Golden Rule". Isn't it time to demonstrate that we care for each other?

So, if you see me out there looking stupid, sweating and breathing hard. It's because I care about what happens to you.

See the CDC Web Site for more information.