Word List Dictionary in Linux

 · shakiestnerd

Learned something interesting today. There is a word list text file on my Linux Mint computer that contains over 100,000 English words. In fact, there are several word files for some common languages. Your word files may vary based on your Linux distribution or locale. The files are in the /etc/share/dict/ folder.

This file could come in very handy for some python word utilities that I have in mind.

List of word files on my computer:

  • american-english
  • brazilian
  • british-english
  • cracklib-small
  • french
  • italian
  • ngerman
  • ogerman
  • portuguese
  • README.select-wordlist
  • spanish
  • swiss
  • words (symbolic link to the system language file--in my case american-english)
  • words.pre-dictionaries-common (symbolic link to the system language file)